Mois : avril 2013

WordPress Category Pages

I’m not a huge fan of most WordPress category pages. They tend to be duplicate content or thin/template content. On top of that, a lot of people use them really badly (such as bloggers who make up new categories every Continue reading »

20 quick tips to improve your online reputation

We could all use a few more hours in our day, right? I know you’re all super busy, so here are 20 quick tips for improving your online reputation. It will take you less than a minute to get a great refresher on how you should manage your online brand. If you like it, please […]

LinkLove London 2013 videos are now available

This may well have been the last LinkLove but here at Distilled we were set to make this the best one yet and the quality of speaker sessions [not to mention, line of mid conference refreshments and activities; Scaletrix, anyone?] were Continue reading »

Technology Association of Oregon Honors Tech Companies of the Year

In a metropolitan city where our GDP growth rate is outpacing our population growth primarily thanks to our tech sector and the continual birth and growth of rock star startups, one might assume that it’s a dog-eat-dog world of fighting over talent, resources and the spotlight. But not so, in Portland. Our technology community is […]

The Link Builder’s Guide to Polling

Introduction Polls can get links. They can get a lot of links, from great places… from niche blogs to national media. A poll should be looked at as a tool, and if it doesn’t get links, it’s not because of Continue reading »

U.S.-EU Safe Harbor: Clearing the Waters

For organizations collecting personal data across European markets, the waters of the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor may seem murky in the wake of some EU data authorities questioning its application to cloud computing and its long term viability in the face of upcoming changes in EU privacy law. I hope to provide some clarity here. Earlier this […]

The next BIG thing: Congruent Marketing

After years of speaking at the excellent Pubcon conference, I felt it was time to introduce a brand new concept that I have been working on for a few weeks: congruent marketing. The general concept is that you can no longer attain success in Google, search, social media, or internet marketing by using disparate tactics. […]

5 reasons why attorneys should monitor social media

While social media monitoring is important for any industry, those in the legal profession–lawyers, attorneys, etc–will find many benefits to tracking online conversations. Here are 5 reasons why attorneys should use social media monitoring: 1. “Ambulance Chasing” Let’s assume discussions start spreading about lethal side effects of a prescription drug. Using social media monitoring, you […]

Be careful with your check-ins

Since all mobile internet devices are ready to go with their owners, location plays a big role in our security. It’s getting boring to let your friends know what is on your mind on Facebook or reporting what are you currently doing on Twitter. It’s cool and fancy to let others know where have you […]

“What are you up to?” Be direct to collect user profile data

My fiancé loves flowers. Although every time I buy them for her she gives me that squinty-eyed look of suspicion like I must have done something wrong. She holds the fake smile for a couple seconds and then asks, “What are you up to?” What are you up to? That’s a trending question these days. […]