Mois : avril 2013

Vizify est-il le meilleur service de CV en ligne ?

Je vous invite à découvrir Vizify. C’est un service remarquable qui m’a permis de créer mon CV en quelques minutes : Conçu pour les paresseux (comme moi ?), il suffit de connecter Vizify à Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook,… et il ira chercher les informations nécessaires pour construire votre CV. Bon…  si ce n’était pas que […]

The Real Reason Gartner Calls Janrain Cool

When one of the best and most respected research firms in the world says that a company is cool, people listen. And this week, Gartner included Janrain in their 2013 Cool Vendors in Social Marketing report. How cool is that? We’re thrilled to be honored with membership into Gartner’s “cool social technology” club (our words, […]

What are you sacrificing for your social media time?

It’s no big secret that social media is a large part of our everyday life.  Even more so now that nearly half of all Americans own a smartphone, making the connection to social media literally at our fingertips at all times.  We’ve become a culture obsessed with oversharing, constantly letting others know where we are, […]

Do we care more about Facebook than our bank accounts?

Cyber attacks are not just the stuff of modern thrillers and movies. Stories of corporate hacking scandals have hit newspapers worldwide, and it’s not just the banks that are targeted: Facebook and Apple have also recently been victimized. But what do we fear the most of what cyber criminals can steal: our friends or our […]

Le guide AXA du bon sens numérique devient un livre !

Le guide AXA du bon sens numérique dont j’avais parlé sur ce blog dans ce billet devient un livre disponible dans toutes les librairies. Pour diffuser plus largement les principes du bon sens numérique, AXA Prévention a choisi Bayard pour publier une version grand public de son guide. Sur la base du guide initialement conçu […]

How the Next Generation of Social Technologies will Accelerate Your Marketing

Today, I’m very excited that Janrain is releasing a new white paper in conjunction with our partner Echo on The Next Generation of Social Innovation. On the heels of my recent SXSW panel moderated by Jeremiah Owyang with Chris Saad at Echo, we wanted to continue the dialog in a deeper way around the vision […]

Petit historique de l’e-réputation

L’e-réputation est une notion encore jeune. Cependant, 13 ans après son premier emploi dans un article scientifique, il parait intéressant de revenir sur sa jeune histoire. Et cela pour, par la suite, mieux appréhender ses tenants et aboutissants, et surtout continuer à la questionner : car si[…]

How I met my parents on Facebook

You knew this day would come. You’ve received a new friend request on Facebook. You are exited and curious to see who has sent this one to you.. and suddenly, you realize, this is your mom who did it! How to react to family member’s invitations on Facebook? Decline, accept or maybe ignore? Don’t panic. […]

Facebook: My New Identity Card

Have you ever heard that if something cannot be found on YouTube or cannot be ‘googled’, it means that it doesn’t exist? World human population, as of now, is over 7 billion. One-seventh of the population are Facebook users and this number is increasing every day. Can you imagine, that someday people will say: ‘If […]