Mois : mai 2013

Should you alter your privacy settings because of Facebook Graph Search?

Ever since the announcement of the new Facebook Graph Search by Mark Zuckerberg I’ve been anxious to see how they would connect places, things and my friends altogether. And the search engine for Facebook does not disappoint: I can now quickly see how many and which of my friends have liked certain pages or checked […]

Expanded COPPA FAQs Come None Too Soon

There is little time to lose for companies whose websites and online services will be subject to the “new” COPPA Rule, which I wrote about in January. The new COPPA Rule is currently scheduled for July 1.  While the FTC may respond positively to pending industry requests to push back the Rule’s effective date, it […]

When technology causes a reputation crisis, let your customer service shine!

If you have ever used any form of technology, there’s a good chance you’ve had a mishap of one sort or another.  Whether it’s a misfired tweet, a post to the wrong Facebook page, a technology hiccup during a presentation, or a misplaced email, it’s never fun when technology gets in the way of you […]