Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro provides unparalleled Facebook meltdown. Hilarity ensues.

If you haven’t yet heard about the most epic brand meltdown on Facebook ever, go ahead and read this.  No, really, right now.  We’ll wait.

All caught up?  Great, now let’s get down to it.

(Please note: I initially started writing this post with a “how they could have avoided this” perspective in mind. There’s not enough Internet for that, folks, so if you can’t see what they’ve done wrong, do us all a favor and don’t start your own business.  Don’t go into customer service, either.)

What Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro‘s business name lacks in punctuation, the owners more than make up for in crazy.  Scary crazy, not fun crazy.  They’ve got all of the ingredients for a big old bucket of hot mess.  I really don’t even know where to start.  Stealing tips from their own employees? Check. Yelling at customers?  Check.  Being such horrid people that Gordon Ramsay couldn’t even stand to work with them for what was sure to be a chart-topping episode of Kitchen Nightmares? Check.  Buying baked goods from other retailers and repackaging to sell as their own?  Check.  Stealing culinary photos to pass off as their own creations on social media?  Check.  Hiding behind so-called “Christianity” while tossing F-bombs at Facebook commenters?  Check.  Social media meltdown of historic proportions? Check and check.


Uh… I’m pretty sure even Walmart makes their own baked goods.

Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, the very interesting owners of the so-called baking company, are blaming both haters and bloggers alike for the horrible portrayal of both them and their business online during an insanely over the top mega meltdown on Facebook.  They said they’d be going after the “Yelpers and the Reddits” (whatever those may be) to put an end to their “WITCH HUNT” (their caps, not mine.)  The posts on their Facebook page ranged from angry to outright belligerent.  One commenter who asked if they were taking reservations for the following day was called a “fat whore” in response to her question.  Nice, eh?

Friends, it is very rare that I’m speechless.  Looking over the Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro Facebook page, speechless is exactly how I was left.  I cannot, for the life of me, begin to fathom who would ever have thought that the posts, responses, and outright rants were anything but grossly inappropriate and outright crazy.  And now, the beautiful little cherry on top of this insanity flavored sundae?  ALL of their social media profiles have been hacked, and these posts were made during a malicious attack!  Across a variety of social sites!  Of course they were!


Does anyone buy that malarkey?  FBI computer crimes unit?

If I’m being completely honest (which we kind of pride ourselves on around here) I’d venture a guess that this business did not have a whole lot of life in it before word got out about Kitchen Nightmares.  But this social media insanity?  I’ll be very surprised if they make it past the surge in business they’re going to get from the curious locals hoping to catch a glimpse of the nutters behind the counter.  If they have any staff left, I sincerely hope they’re being paid extremely well.  Apparently Samy and his little “jewel in the desert” do not agree with me.  They’ve hired a PR firm to help them through this.  Whoever signed that account is either very confident in their skills, or nearly as crazy as the Bouzaglos.  If I had to venture a guess, I’d say we’ll be seeing a very tightly managed press junket followed by a ridiculous reality show that will air just a little too long after they’re no longer relevant.  Hopefully Amy and Samy can use that downtime to learn how to prepare food, so if they have to change their names and open a new restaurant far, far away from the ill-fated Amy’s Baking Company, maybe they can fare a bit better than they did in Scottsdale.

My question?  Who was brave enough to take these two wildcards on as clients?  Brilliant, or equally insane?