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Play it Safe to Consistently Lose in Online Marketing

In consulting larger companies, I’ve recently learned that it’s many times easier to convince decision makers to act when a competitor is already executing a similar strategy. Suggest the same strategy as an untested initiative and it’s nearly impossible to Continue reading »

“What are you up to?” Be direct to collect user profile data

My fiancé loves flowers. Although every time I buy them for her she gives me that squinty-eyed look of suspicion like I must have done something wrong. She holds the fake smile for a couple seconds and then asks, “What are you up to?” What are you up to? That’s a trending question these days. […]

Reputation is not a piece of cake!

Reputation and baking. Are you wondering what these two words have in common? You might be surprised, but they really do! Reputation is all about you, like a recipe is all about a good cake. Baking might be complicated for the beginner, but practice makes perfect. Protecting reputation might be tricky if you don’t know […]

Strict vs. Relaxed Visibility Settings

VendAsta now offers businesses the option to choose between relaxed or strict visibility settings.

Relaxed Visibility means that online listings will be marked as “Found” when an exact match is found AND when a close match is found. Close matches include commonly abbreviated terms, for example “St.” instead of “Street”, or “Cres.” instead of “Crescent”. The system will also verify if the listing’s top level domain is correct (i.e., without looking at specific URL paths ( The Relaxed setting is fine for most situations, but for optimal SEO businesses should choose Strict Visibility.

Strict Visibility means that online listings will be marked as “Found” only when an exact match is discovered. Close matches will not be accepted. The system will mark a listing as “Found With Possible Errors” if it is listed as “ABC St.” instead of “ABC Street”, or “XYZ Cres.” instead of “XYZ Crescent”. The full URL must be correct as well. Strict Visibility is optimal for SEO.


Current partners will continue to be set to Strict Visibility. If you wish to change to Relaxed Visibility, please contact your Account Rep.

Reputation Admin Dashboard Overview

A guide to using the Partner Central dashboard. Partner Central is the place where administrators can see information on all of VendAsta’s products. This is where you can add/remove accounts, log into accounts, manage sales people, customize your branding and more. 

Google opposing the ?Right to be forgotten?

« This is just the beginning, this right to be forgotten, but it’s going to be much more important in the future, » said Artemi Rallo, director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. More: continued here