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Relying Party Stats as of Mar. 1, 2009

The number of sites at which you can use your OpenID has continued to grow at a rapid rate. 37,517 websites are now OpenID-enabled. But remember, the actual number of destination sites is quite higher since we count umbrella sites…

Relying Party Stats as of Jan 1st, 2009

31,185 — That’s how many unique web sites are OpenID enabled (as seen from as 2008 ended. The actual number of destination sites is probably higher since we count umbrella sites like blogger & livejournal as single sites, even…

Security and ContactPoint: perception is all

Sir Bonar reminds us that the security of ContactPoint relies on nobody knowing how it works. If nobody knows what the security measures are, how can they possibly circumvent them? More: continued here

My Twitterank is 101.54

The only safe solution for the broad spectrum of computer users is one in which they cannot give away their secrets. More: continued here

Privacy Issue or Feature: Unpleasant vs Pleasant Surprise

Being in the identity space, and having a product that manages people’s identity, the topic of privacy comes up often. In development of Sxipper we had a goal of making sure we were protecting people’s privacy, not reducing it. Perhaps… selected for LeWeb08 Startup Competition

This is really some great news, we are really proud to have been selected for LeWeb08 Startup Competition!The competition will be tuff and we’ll be presenting among 30 others really promising companies:1.    2Win-Solutions – FRANCE2.    3scale networks S.… invited by Gemalto for a talk show

Thanks to Gemalto for invited us at a talk show to speak about digital security during the conference “Salon Cartes et Identification 2008” that happened November, 4-6 2008 at Villepinte.You can see the talk show that have been recorded (french):…