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‘Liking’ Spam on Facebook is Big Business for Scammers

In the beginning, when email was still a novelty and politicians were still decent, we used to receive chain mails. And if you did not send this spam on you would never become lucky in love, find happiness, or something else that was very, very bad would happen. I for one, thought that I would […]

Content Marketing DOs and DON’Ts

While everyone’s definition of content marketing is a little different, the execution side of this marketing channel has much more definitive best practices. Whether you are new to content marketing or just looking for validation that your program is running Continue reading »

Safe partying in social media era

Who doesn’t like to party? Everyone does! Today you’ve been invited, tomorrow you’ll become a host. Social media brings a lot of tools that people use to invite each other to attend events of all kinds: meetings, reunions, parties. Times of carrier pigeons, telegrams and messengers has already gone, and we have almost forgotten postals […]

Play it Safe to Consistently Lose in Online Marketing

In consulting larger companies, I’ve recently learned that it’s many times easier to convince decision makers to act when a competitor is already executing a similar strategy. Suggest the same strategy as an untested initiative and it’s nearly impossible to Continue reading »

Improve Email Performance with Profile Data

If you are seeking to apply big data to connect with your consumers, email marketing is the low-hanging fruit. Targeted emails containing personalized content and offers enjoy a nearly 4X greater click-through rate than generic email offers. Unlike advertising and content personalization, whose complex algorithms are heavily reliant upon third-party data, successful email campaigns can […]

Business Owner: 3 Ways to Boost Your Online Reputation

With the right strategy, you can boost the online reputation of your business, writes Megan Webb-Morgan in this guest blog. 97% of customers use online searches to find local businesses. Whether yours is an ecommerce store or a brick-and-mortar business, the reality is that most of your customers will search for you online before doing business […]

Social Network Monitor Goes Premium

After several months of extensive testing, we are proud to announce the end of the beta version of the Social Network Monitor! Thousands of you participated in the beta and we are thankful for that! Your valuable comments and suggestions helped a lot to improve the service and – of course – we will continue […]