New RPX features

We’ve added several new features to RPX. The beauty of software as a service is that these features are pushed live and just appear automatically for all our customers, enhancing their RPX experience. Drumroll please….

  • Localization for the UI Widget. RPX now supports 16 languages (br,de,el,en,es,fr,it,ja,ko,nl,pl,pt,ro,ru,se,zh). We can quickly add other languages, just let us know.
  • Sync API. We launched new API calls for RPX Pro customers to fetch the latest copy of Facebook & MySpace user data. This is useful to keep the user’s profile data fresh even when a user has not logged back into your site. Your marketing team will love this one.
  • Friends List. A list of user’s friend identifiers is now included in the extended payload for Facebook and MySpace. This allows for some pretty cool social graphing on your site.
  • Testing with Yahoo SREG data. Yahoo is now passing SREG data through to RPX-enabled sites. We are happy to be part of Yahoo’s testing, and welcome any feedback.
  • Basic RP Analytics. You will now see login analytics for each of your websites. Just go to your admin console and you will see a nice pie chart showing the breakdown of identity providers your users are authenticating with.

We have a couple features that are just beginning to roll out to select customers on a beta basis. We are looking for additional sites that also have a need for these features and are willing to give us critical feedback.

  • Publishing to the Facebook news feed. A simple but useful feature that allows your users to post an entry back to their Facebook feed.
  • Flash widget. For sites that are entirely Flash, we now have a flash widget which can give you full RPX capability.

We are continuing to work on new and innovative features for RPX customers. If there is anything in particular that you would find a huge benefit for RPX to include, please drop us a line or user our uservoice forum.

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