OpenID Foundation at the RSA Conference

The OpenID Foundation participated in a full day, industry-wide identity event along with representatives from the Concordia Project, the DataPortability Project, the Information Card Foundation, Liberty Alliance, and OAuth Community.

You can read more information about the event here. JanRain’s CTO, Mike Graves, presented the OpenID Foundation’s summary of recent OpenID developments. You can see a copy of the OpenID Foundation presentation below.

During the event, a panel of Identity Organizations discussed trends, collaboration, and the future of online identity managment. Panelists included: OAuth: Eric Sachs; OpenID Foundation: Brian Kissel (Chair); Concordia Project: Eve Maler (Chair); DataPortability Project: Trent Adams; Information Card Foundation: Paul Trevithick (Chair); Liberty Alliance: Roger Sullivan (President); OSIS: Dale Olds (Chair)

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