RPX WordPress Plugin Now Available

We have just released the first version of our RPX plugin for WordPress. The plugin adds RPX based authentication to WordPress user accounts, as well as for blog commenters.

Plugin Features:

  • Adds passwordless sign-in and commenting to your blog via OpenID, Google, Yahoo! Facebook, and MySpace based authentication.
  • Attach a third party sign-in provider to your existing WordPress account.
  • Create new accounts without registering and maintaining a password.
  • Easy to configure with no template modifications required.
  • Verified identity and provider icons for blog commenters.


The RPX plugin lets you sign-in using an account from Facebook, MySpace, Google, Yahoo, or with an OpenID:

The plugin requires blog commenters to verify themselves with RPX, and displays their provider icon and links to their URL in their comment:

Have a suggestion or feature request for the plugin? Join the conversation on our Wiki or User Voice! Download the plugin.

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